Fully Bespoke USB People
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USB People.co.uk - now offer a completely free service to create a USB person exactly how you wish them to look. Whether, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor or any other commercial personality, we can design and manufacture the USB People (person) to suit all your business marketing requirements.

If you have a picture of what you want, simply send the images and a short brief of what you are trying to accomplish and we be able to provide a bespoke USB People (Person) visual in a PDF format without any obligation to proceed. Are you trying to promote a real or cartoon figure or do you want the person to be dressed in your company uniform (or CEO?), there are absolutely no restrictions.

Our Sales / Design team would be happy to assist you in creating your “Bespoke USB Person”. The person can be branded (printed up to 4 pantone colours) with your Logo and the body designed printed in your corporate colours for a minimum quantity of only 250 units.

Weeman Style 1 USB People

Weeman Style 2 USB People

Weegirl Style 1 USB People

Weeman Style 3 USB People

Bespoke ScarFace USB People

Bespoke Rocky USB People

Bespoke Fighter Pilot USB People

E-mail us an EPS of your Logo and JPEG pictures of the USB Person you wish to create and we’ll quickly send you a PDF image illustrating how YOUR USB Person would look.

The great marketing possibility available to you is that now you can take your “Brand Character” into a potential client’s offices that will quite happily sit all day long on their desk.

The opportunities are endless to create a Bespoke USB People (Person) A Bride, Jockey, Golfer, Horse rider, TV personality, Football personality or a Unique USB Person for Your Company